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Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. My favorite piece that I did this semester was by far the photoshop project. Next to my landscape painting (which Mr. Sands said that I could only use as an answer to 1 question) I thought that this picture turned out particularly well. While the picture of Saddam is irrelevant, I believe that I did a good job of inserting the T Rex picture and blending it to its' surrounding environment. Through  our two day "photoshop intensive", I learned many new techniques to the program. While I already knew a good amount about photoshop, I believe that, by doing this particular project, I put my new knowledge into practice to make a somewhat realistic looking picture, if you can temporarily suspend your disbelief for a moment that is.

2. While I ultimatley was not satisfied with the outcome of this profile drawing, I did learn many valuable points to drawing people, their shadows, and their features. I believe that the next time I attempt at drawing a person, I will know several more techniques and  features to add/ create more detail on. Perhaps I have a future as a caricature artist in the mall since, judging from this drawing, I do not have a good sense of peoples' proportions. Overtime, this may correct itself with a little practice such as we had when drawing specific features on a face (nose, eyes, mouth, etc.)While mr. Sands said that people usually use too little shadow, I think that I used too much, so i will also need to grow in that respective area.

3. Back in 7th grade, I took a ceramics class and I feel like I particularly excelled in this field of art. As seen in this picture, I was working on recreating one of my past projects from that class, an ant on a section of wood. However, this project was far from completion when it was fired seeing as I missed the whole week with the flu. I personally think that this is a sign from God saying that I should take up painting (which I am starting to). From my 7th grade project, I learned many useful techniques in making this ant. For instance, the body is best made out of a series of pinch pots to keep it from exploding, and increase support. While it may not be evident, the legs offer little to no support to the body as a whole. I used some knowledge of texture and painting techniques from earlier this year to add a sense of realism to this piece.

4. Out of all the projects, I think that the stamp project was the least valuable when all the concepts that we learned are considered. While texture was used, Nothing else was needed in this project. And, with limited space on the tile, not much texture could be added. In my mind, these projects were extremely one dimensional, with background and foreground hard to incorporate with such a small tile. Also, the carving was dificult since the ink could fill small gaps, which were sometimes the most vital to the print as a whole.I feel like everything else that we learned came bakc in later projects, except for these carving techniques, the usage of ink, and the idea of finite texture.

5. While this piece is actually my favorite piece from the whole year, it also reflects me as an artist since I have personal connection to it in a way. This painting, while being created completley in my mind, was a form of homage to a painting that my great grandmother did back when she was young. She has since passed away and we have the painting hung in our house. Her painting was also of a forest path, and that became the basic idea for this project. Also, through this painting, I expressed my personal style by working with shadows and lighting with certain painting techniques which I taught myself through the duration of this project.I never knew that I had an interest in painting until this project was finished, and  I plan to take up painting as a hobby and expand my abilities with new techniques and subject matters.


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