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Monday, November 19, 2012

Stencil Project

Stencil                 Spray Paint       Xacto Knife        Positive/Negative Space
Composition    Collage                Photoshop        Threshold              Contrast

1. Explain how you changed your photo in the lab to create a stencil.
  • In the computer lab, I used photoshop to take my desired picture (Silence of the Lambs Movie Poster), change the threshold to create a black and white copy of the picture which thus changed the contrast and created lots of positive and negative space.

2. When creating the collage background explain your choices of colors, materials (magazine paper, books pages, etc), and placement. How does it relate to your topic? If no relation discuss general idea.
  • I chose these certain pictures as a background collage because they depicted somewhat dark themed pictures, just like the movies dark themes. And it offered a good relatable color to the stencil.

3. Discuss the way positive and negative space was used to create your stencil.

4. When using the xacto knife, explain the safety procedures, how to use the knife and any challenges you had to overcome while cutting.
  • When using an Xacto Knife, one must remember to cut away from themselves when creating the composition.
5. How was your experience with the spray paint? Discuss how color choice is important, placement of stencil, and any other concepts you noticed while creating this. 
  • I chose a dark spray paint because throughout the movie, the themes are dark and gloomy.